Tantra Spirituality

You will meet Tantra facilitators from all around the world! You will experience a meeting with Tantra that combines sexuality, awareness, personal and spiritual.

Tantric Intimacy is touching the divine within ourselves and our partner. It is a spiritual path in itself, which leads to a grounded connection with God through an.

Integrated Tantra, Shamanism and Spirituality. The work of Awaken as Love ranges from Tantra Workshops, Biodanza Classes, Viision quest, Sweatlodge and.

Your sexuality can be a transmission of light. Your spirituality can be a fully embodied experience. Tantra is a path of inner radiance and expansion that includes.

Yoga and Tantra form the primary basis of the Indian spirituality. Many things have been written about these Spiritual Traditions, but due to their depth and.

People looking to explore Sexual Energy to Higher states, Spiritual Couples and lovers looking for Tantra Techniques to experience ultimate pleasure.

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The moment you say something is material and something is spiritual, you have divided, split reality. Reality is one. There is neither matter nor spirit. Reality is.

5 Apr 2011. And, in spite of the opinions—and financial interests—of many people, the term Tantra is not immediately synonymous with sex, spiritual.

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Freedombridge Tantra unites sexuality and spirituality through integrating the physical with the spiritual. The mind, body and soul are all part of an.

28 Aug 2017. In reality, Tantra is one of the most important spiritual Indian traditions, the practical aspect of Veda. In Sanskrit, the word means “to weave” and.

Tantra. Tantra is the name scholars give to an inter-religious spiritual movement that arose in medieval India in the fifth century CE, expressed in scriptures.

Our Spiritual Tantra Sexuality course covers the significance of the sexual energy from an evolutionary standpoint and its conservation and cultivation for.

14 Sep 2015. Tantra is neither philosophy, nor religion in the dogmatic sense of this term, and yet it doesn't oppose either of them. It is an essentially spiritual.

23 Apr 2013. Denise C. Onofrey, MA, NCC – Incorporating tantra into your lifestyle. to promote sexuality, spirituality, and emotional interconnectedness.

22 Aug 2015. When you hear the word “Tantra,” you probably think about two things: sex and spirituality. The original meaning of Tantra (literally “warp”or.

23 Nov 2015. VAAM MARGA TANTRA- LEFTISTS OF SPIRITUALITY – It is awesome to note that in spirituality too there are “rightists” and “leftists”. Leftists are.

Main Religions Of India Religion is a very funny topic in India. First of all what is Religion supposed to do in your life. It has always been thrust-ed upon you since childhood that we are the followers of Rama the savior of Sita from Ravana. I really cannot understand. A melting pot of cultures, India is home to many major world religions and diverse communities speaking a myriad tongues. All. Source for information on Indian Religions: An Overview:

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In the spiritual arena, it's important to clearly distinguish between three terms: Veda, right-handed tantra, and left-handed tantra. Simply stated, Veda correlates to.